We’ll help your NGO get more funds for your good cause by providing engaging digital design experience.

Struggle with your website?

We understand how difficult it is to tell your mission and to inspire people to support it. Thanks to our digital design approach, your NGO will be closer to people and will be presented as a trustworthy and transparent entity.

The digital design services can bridge the gap between the developer-side and the non-developer side of things. Here are the most common issues that can help you with:

Lack of funding

Just by building a website you cannot expect more funds to be raised. Being able to reach more people does not mean you will gain their trust and convince them to donate.

Increase Your Brand Image

Attract and convert more leads thanks to the great design and UI that you offer. Flawless user experience across all devices for sure will mean more confidence and trust by users.

No Digital Design Strategy

Without a clear design strategy created around your organization’s goals (be it more funds, brand awareness, etc.), your digital products’ success relies more on chance than on calculated results.

No Digital Design Strategy

We will implement a unique process specific to your organization, bringing all teams into the Cloud. This will allow us to collaborate faster worldwide, keeping everybody up-to-date and working together in each step of the publishing lifecycle, from the idea to the data analysis after launch.

Limited Networking

With traditional development, there’s no shared environment in which marketers, designers, developers, and creators can collaborate. In large-scale organizations, this can create an even bigger gap.

Limited Networking

We will work closely with you to set specific and clear goals towards building your online presence. Our strategy will involve proper messaging, sharing your brand history, identifying and resolving issues. This will result in a professional look that gains users’ confidence in the brand by providing an engaging user experience.


The idea behind Arable Studio is to offer an ultimate solution for large-scale & non-profit organizations that can fit perfectly in their digital product lifecycle. This process includes design, development, and marketing solutions, so we can create a very specific bundle of services for the needs of our clients.

Standalone solution

We will provide an entire creative matrix to fully handle the WebOperations for your organization, in order to free up your time and energy for what you do best.

Standalone solution (for in-house teams)

We will complete and/or expand your existing internal team to provide help exactly where you need it.

UI/UX Design

  • Design Audit
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Design Systems
  • Prototyping

Digital Design Strategy

  • Brand Story
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Website Goals & KPIs

Web Development

  • Consulting
  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Front-end development
  • CMS

What Are the Benefits for Your Organization?

Fast Design and Development Process

We will bring all teams to the whiteboard, creating UI/UX designs that are scalable and easy to implement, with an engaging user experience. All project resources will be accessible worldwide 24/7, making the brainstorming, design, and build process faster than ever.

Digital design strategy

Sending the right message and setting the right look and feel about your brand, story, and mission is key in gaining your target audience’s trust. We’ll provide the right approach and methods to make it happen.

Creatives with coding experience

Our designers have a front-end background that helps create easy-to-implement design systems with the technical requirements in mind.

Easy and fast collaboration across the organization

Our unique WebOps process will help you optimize your internal communication by getting all teams together in the Cloud.

Experience with large-scale organizations

We build complex UI/UX and web solutions even for the biggest brands in the niche

Tailor-made Digital Solutions

Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach, we will build custom web solutions from scratch to respond to your distinctive needs.

De-Risk Experimentation

Introducing changes while running your business can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you lack the right people. Having a stable WebOps partner will give you the confidence and freedom to experiment and implement those long-overdue changes.


We will empower your marketers by allowing them to publish online and eliminating unnecessary steps independently. Filling IT tickets is no more and getting stuck in the backlog becomes something of the past.

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We can’t talk about ourself, but our clients can!

I am working with Miro from Arable Studio since 3 years for our global digital marketing platform (serving 36 countries) in the area of design and user experience. First as a freelancer and then with his own company. What can I say? Miro is one of the few persons who both understands and is highly professional in both web design and front end, knows what is important and actual in the industry and is a fast and (for me even more important) reliable partner, delivering quality. Looking forward for the next exciting projects to come.

Cornelis van den Hoeven

Global Head of Digital Fundraising | SOS International

Stefan from Arable Studio accompanied our organization in terms of front-end development for many years. I got to know him as a highly skilled web design expert who is always at eye level with the latest tech & UX developments. Stefan is never shy to express his honest opinion, which makes him a trustful partner for everyone who is looking for professional web development consulting.

Christian Lamp

Head of Digital Fundraising | SOS-Kinderdorf

We have implemented a big project under the Black Sea Joint Operational Program and Arable Studio has been subcontracted to create one of the most difficult and at the same time key outputs of the project – a digital map of the underwater archaeology, cultural and historic landmarks and marine and plant life on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The digital map was installed on a kiosks and also together with 4 3D holograms installed as a part of the permanent exhibition of Varna Naval History Museum. It turned out a success increasing visitors to Varna and the Museum. Miro has been very responsive, diligent and catering to detail during the implementation phase, the quality of the design and graphic is outstanding and detailed, the time framework was sound and within the prescribed time. We highly recommend him in the sphere of digital content creation and management of IT systems.

Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation

Stefan from Arable Studio was my close partner at SOS Children’s Villages of India. He was based at HQ and supported us with our digital fundraising strategy, plan and execution. We worked together for the India edition of an APAC wide fundraising campaign ‘Donate for Love’, in 2016. In the absence of my local team at that point, he supported me wholeheartedly with end to end execution; ranging from designing, building the landing page, and all other associated tasks. He is knowledgeable and passionate about digital marketing and fundraising and would go out of his way to help and support his colleagues. He is a reliable and dependable partner to have in your team because of his strong sense of responsibility. I wish him the very best for a fulfilling career!

Barnali Das

Head of Corporate Communications at Uber

Selected Work

Let’s talk about your digital challenges

Book a free consultation with webops expert; No strings attached!

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